Frustrating Sleepless Rough Night!

Hi guys!

The moment I typing this entry, I felt hopeless, plus I can't sleep after a rough night! It is so frustrating when everything you did was not going smoothly. Yesterday my shift started at 11 p.m. and ended today 8 a.m. I was assigned to initiate a vessel I am not familiar with. It's okay, I took it as a challenge. It turned out a disaster! The vessel cannot stand high pressure and suddenly released the pressure. I wasn't prepared for that catastrophe. Without any hearing protection, I had to bear with that loud sound, and until now the sound still hurting my hearing.

One task done. Another task was given to me. Another vessel. Same thing, initiating a vessel. During pressurizing the vessel, an extremely painful sound appeared out of nowhere. Again, my hearing suffered. I abled to rectified the issue on the very end of my shift. Seriously now I'm having headache. The loud sound, sleepless night and lot of pressure!

Now I'm at home. Considering for a sleep b…


Hi guys!

I've been totally missing from this blog for almost 3 months since my latest entry published on February 2018! I remembered that I once said I will keep updating my blog more frequently, bla bla bla... But, ended up almost 3 months I stopped blogging 😞.

The main reason was I have no content to discuss about. When there was nothing to share, I'd set my mind set that I shouldn't blog. The truth is, I am lazy to find a suitable content. A symptom of procrastinator I guess 😅

So, what's bringing me back here?

Currently I'm addicted and totally attached to some vlogs on Youtube. I'm sort of planning to do vlogs too, but when I re-think and realized (and expecting) that the vlog will ended up like my blog too (not updated). Thus I decided to cancelled my intention of producing my own vlog and  I should continue with what I have, my lovely blog, Ayokedo (I hope so! 😂)

So, here I am. Planning to make my blog as my vlog but in written manner. Thus I can lear…